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Chinese craft brewers court premium Australian water producer


CHINESE brewers are courting a high quality water producer from Australia in a bid to create tastier craft beers.

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South Australian company PH8 produces came to the attention of Asian brewers when it was awarded a gold medal at the 5th China International High-end Drinking Water Industry Expo 2016 – China’s most authoritative high-end drinking water trade show – in July.

Almost 50 billion litres a year is consumed in China, twice as much as its nearest rival the United States. An increasing thirst for premium craft beers also has it on track to become the world’s highest value beer market next year.

PH8 Managing Director Kym Dickeson said the award had helped promote the brand internationally and sparked talks with a number of Chinese craft breweries.

He said high quality water crucial to produce premium craft beer.

“China at the present time are accepting beer in a big way, there are breweries interested in quality water. That’s one of the things we are talking about,” Dickeson said.

“The Chinese are looking for anything that is Western and quality. They search far and wide for fresh products, fresh milks, because it is sometimes hard to get there.”

Dickeson said recognition through awards helped products quickly gain respect in China.

He said Australian products were internationally perceived as being of high quality and would be “100 per cent” a key factor in PH8’s global expansion.

The high alkaline water produced by PH8 is filtered naturally through black limestone situated at the southern tip of the Yorke Peninsula about 110km west of South Australia’s capital Adelaide.

The water is collected in a large aquifer and picks up trace minerals along the way. The entire process takes about 12-14 months and results in water with low acidity and a pH of 8.

It is claimed that alkaline water has health benefits for a variety of ailments including allergies, arthritis, depression, heartburn, chronic fatigue syndrome and obesity.

It contains high amounts of potassium, calcium and magnesium – the latter two are also important elements in beer making.

Water constitutes about 90 per cent of the total ingredients in beer and calcium is the chief mineral in the water that helps to boost the flavour and clarity of the brew. The magnesium is also important for the fermentation process.

According to IBIS World, beer sales in China have increased at an average rate of 3.1 per cent per year to a total of about $32.6 billion over the past five years.

Founded by Nick Selfe in 2006, PH8’s bottled water is distributed around Australia as well as China and Singapore.

Dickeson said alkaline water was an in-demand product and was quickly absorbed by the human body.

“Alkaline water when it has a PH level of above 7 – 7.2 means the clusters of hydrogen are not as bunched together and closed up,” he said.

“What other bottled water companies do is use reverse osmosis. What they do is take out all the germs in the water but by doing that they take a lot of good stuff out as well as the bad.

“We are always looking for opportunities, and there is an opportunity to get into Hong Kong as well. The award certainly gives us a leg up, that’s for sure.”

Dickeson said PH8 was also in conversations with another Australian company to export a powdered milk product.

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