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Dallas Mavericks import high-performance expertise from Australia

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DALLAS Mavericks NBA superstar Dirk Nowitzki will soon be training on hi-tech Australian-made sporting equipment to help prolong his career.

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The 37 year old will enter his 18th consecutive season in the NBA later this year with a grueling 82-game schedule ahead of him.

Dallas will be desperate to keep Nowitzki as fresh as possible in 2015/2016 after exiting in the first round of the NBA playoffs last season.

The Iso Kinetic squat machine was developed and manufactured in South Australia by TEKS Australia, created by Alan Maynard.

“The machine is about reducing weight loads on points in the body while developing and maintaining speed and power through muscle contraction,’’ he said,

“With NBA athletes often playing seasons nine months long they will start to suffer from mid-season fatigue. With basketball players it is running on hardwood, getting bumped and hit constantly and recovery that takes its toll on them.

“It is critical to keep up the player’s strength and training without putting additional stress and load on their joints when they are not playing. 

 “The training system will improve vertical lift, speed of acceleration and stimulate response systems. It has been used by elite, professional athletes for a number of years with excellent success.’’

He said the training regimen was still something that isn’t fully understood in the industry of training and maintaining elite athletes.

“Mark Cuban, who owns the Dallas Mavericks seems to be someone who thinks outside the box and was willing to investigate what we have created with this training system – sight unseen,’’ Maynard said.

“It is not a strengthening system – there are plenty of excellent, well developed programs that already deal with that. This is a system that helps ensure longevity for professional athletes as well as keeping them fresher throughout their playing season.’’

The squat machine uses hydraulics to provide resistance – not static, gravity dependent weights, which can put unnecessary strain on athletes. 

Software provides finite measurements of time to reach maximum torque, speed of acceleration and neurological reflex action.

Maynard’s son Damian will be flown over from Australia to help teach the Dallas Mavericks trainers in its use and best practice application.

“Damian runs his own gym in Australia and also has an excellent understanding of the machine and methodology,’’ Maynard said

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