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SME business administration system set to expand


Alpen Enterprises has built an integrated system to simplify how businesses manage POS, staff and inventory.

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Glen Matulich, the CEO of Alpen Enterprises, said the company has streamlined online business management into one platform that includes the hardware and software needed to manage small to medium-sized retail and hospitality businesses.

Based in Adelaide, South Australia, they have integrated POS software into a terminal called called Alpen X and also offer a Cloud-based accounting application called Summit that manages warehouse, production, sales and receivable data.

Both products can be acquired online and are sold on a rolling monthly subscription basis. They are connected to the Cloud and can be accessed off-site through a phone.

Matulich said the full-stack software solution provides better analytics of business operations at a price SMEs can afford.

The Alpen X terminal.

“Rather than having an accounting product and an inventory management product, and having to essentially take together a whole lot of products, which is what businesses are currently doing, we created one software product to do it all,” he said.

“Our technology manages the accounting side of things, the point of sale, the inventory management stuff, staff rostering, supply vendor management, warehousing, inventory, planning, manufacturing.

“Our business is completely unique in the fact that there is software out there that gets close to managing the needs of businesses.”

Since launching its products in July, it has already sold more than 100 Alpen X Terminals and signed 30 businesses to Summit.

Matulich has signed up South Australian businesses such as Tynte Flowers and Spartan Electrical and has expanded across Australia.

“We have a franchise in Perth, we have a pub in Victoria, we have another business in Victoria which is in the business-to-business; we also have retail sites in Brisbane, Sydney and Toowoomba,” he said.

“[But] we built the software so that it is all ready for the United States tax system.

“The same gap that we have approached for the small to medium enterprise market is just as prevalent over in the Unites States as what it is in Australia.

“New Zealand is another obvious one, as well as the United Kingdom.”

Matulich said he developed the system based on his experience as the owner of a bicycle shop where he had to manually key data into different software programs.

He said he wanted to create an elegant platform that could combine all these programs, which would suit business-owners like himself.

“My father had been involved in software development,” Matulich said.

“So I turned to him to say ‘we really need a solution that is affordable, that can handle franchising, that can handle scheduling, it can do the accounts, it can manage staff, it can manage inventory, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and give the business owner snapshot of how his or her business is performing on a phone’.”

Matulich is now looking for $2 million in investment to scale-up the operation and launch a new service that would “add 1000 sites to the company in the next 12 months”.

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