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Aussie city set for autonomous car trials

South Australia’s Cohda Wireless receives $2m to test its tech in two new self-driving cars.

App uses Siri-like platform to take the paperwork out of personal budgeting

South Australian app uses artificial intelligence to keep finances in check.

World's smartest cities turn attention to Adelaide

Australia’s second Smart Communities Conference to be held in South Australia.

Pressure mounts on Australian Government to launch space agency

Space industry calls for national space program to boost economy.

Farmer co-op fuels eco-friendly diesel

South Australian company creates biodiesel generator for farmers.

Autonomous vehicle trials funded across Adelaide

South Australia moves to the next step in autonomous vehicle use.

Asbestos detecting technology to protect construction workers

Frontier Microscopy develops smart microscopy analysis unit in South Australia to reduce asbestos exposure risk.

iPhone app detects online predators

South Australian predator-catching app set for launch.

Australian AI startup takes on Google

South Australian software company only charges clients after its technology proves itself.


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