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Aussie graphite deposit's potential elevated to Tier 1

South Australian mine set to be key player in global graphite industry.

Chinese city looks Down Under for water expertise

South Australian consortium to drive pilot project in Jinan.

Australia's electricity crisis could be solved by water scheme

Australia’s electricity crisis could be solved by water scheme

Chinese winemaking students flock to Adelaide

University of Adelaide helps fuel China’s domestic wine boom.

Cool solution streamlines air conditioning design

South Australian company finds international success with air conditioning software.

Century-old fertility technique a viable IVF alternative

Largest study on 100-year-old technique has significant benefits for fertility.

Threatened outback mouse roars again

Native Plains Mouse thrives in South Australian conservation reserve.

Free-range egg buyers put quality ahead of cruelty

Ethical food study in South Australia reveals consumer motivations.

Skilling up for a ship building boom

Education institutions in South Australia work together to build defence skills.

Dryland forest find boosts global cover by 10 per cent

Researchers discover 456 million hectares of dryland forest.


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