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Newest bird sanctuary opens in South Australia for serious twitchers

A new sanctuary in South Australia will protect endangered bird species and tap into a large global tourism market.

New golf course to open on Kangaroo Island

Golfers to get new course in South Australia.

The box maker

A bespoke box making company in Adelaide, South Australia keeps craftsmanship alive.

Darren Lehmann Cricket Academy to open in India

A cricket academy from South Australia is set to open in India to help groom the next generation of cricketers.

Australia's newest museum dedicated to gardening

The Australian Museum of Gardening opens at Carrick Hill in South Australia.

World adventurers set to run wild on Kangaroo Island

New marathon in South Australia for adventure travellers.

New degree in university relations

South Australia's Chinese student ambassador is sending news of Adelaide home.

Australian trade delegation in India to learn how to set up fashion design schools

South Australian fashion designer in India to learn how country incorporates design into tertiary education.

Global messages pop up in glorious colours

Evelyn Roth Festival Arts educates people around the world from South Australia.

Brand South Australia blog

Brand South Australia’s blog and events calendar.


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