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Green village proves high value of low carbon living

University of South Australia study reveals financial, environmental, and health benefits for near zero carbon communities.

Saab's vision to bring LEGO simplicity to advanced manufacturing

South Australian HoloLens studio explores leading-edge technology.

Lightweight x-ray technology spawns bomb-detecting robots

South Australian company Micro-X to design machine for remote detection of IEDs.

Cool water key to clean green tomatoes

Refrigeration company plays crucial role in massive South Australian solar and saltwater tomato farm.

Adelaide means business on a global scale

KPMG study finds South Australian capital is cost leader for business.

Championing the cause of a small city

Committee for Adelaide works to create economic growth.

Gel cocoon to shield fire fighters trapped by blazes

South Australian company develops revolutionary burnover protection system. 

Cash prize offer for carbon neutral ideas

South Australian Government lures entrepreneurs.

How to make a city buzz

Adelaide to host major urban planning conference

Bluetooth beacons point to the future of shopping

South Australian company uses Bluetooth devices to personalise shopping.


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