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Wrist plate to help fractures heal faster

South Australian collaboration results in 3D printed plate.

Mobile system provides remote communication

Mobile service developed in South Australia allows remote communication without use of cellular infrastructure or internet access.

One ring to rule them all

Long-lasting smart ring developed in South Australia controls other smart devices.

Shandong mission a bi-lateral trade success

Adelaide City businesses to benefit from Chinese delegation.

Health software company begins diabetes coach trials

South Australian product tested in US after investment boost.

Open government drives innovation

South Australia to host 10-day symposium.

Australian Fashion Labels opens LA store

South Australian fashion house enjoys ‘incredible growth’ in the United States.

Mobile app connecting parents and schools

School Star app developed in South Australia gives parents secure access to school news and information.

Screw cap innovation removes wine preservatives at the push of a button

South Australian brothers aim to stamp out wine allergies.

Bluetooth technology to shorten travel times

New traffic app developed by South Australian Government gives drivers real-time information of traffic delays and shortens travel time.


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