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Linking into the global supply chain

1st of December, 2015

Siemens technology boost for evolving Asia Pacific companies.

Twenty years to make a baby: a story of persistence and collaboration

By Sarah Keenihan, 24th of November, 2015

Professor Sarah Robertson’s quest for improved fertility from South Australia.

Australian researchers develop Big Data tool to test new medicines

By Simone Mazengarb, 24th of November, 2015

Scientists from South Australia have developed a tool to map the effects of new medicines already on the market.

Where did it go? Following cancer with tiny magnets

By Sarah Keenihan, 24th of November, 2015

New tool offers safe and accurate measure of tumour spread.

Private electricity grids fuelled by renewable energy the future for communities

24th of November, 2015

ZEN Energy in South Australia plans to put power back in the hands of consumers.

Satellite devices shine light on remote areas

24th of November, 2015

Myriota to commercialise M2M technology developed by the University of South Australia.

Big data and bacteria explain why your diet isn't working

By Sarah Keenihan, 19th of November, 2015

A remarkable study linking gut bacteria with body’s response to food presented in South Australia.

Leading the way to solving global warming with nanoporous materials

19th of November, 2015

Professor Ajayan Vinu to lead the Future Industries Institute at the University of South Australia.

Why foods that make you fart are a good thing

By Sarah Keenihan, 19th of November, 2015

Research at the CSIRO in South Australia explores ways to improve the health of your microbiome – and you. 

10 visions of the future you've never even thought of

By Sarah Keenihan, 18th of November, 2015

The book Visions 2100: Stories from Your Future launched in South Australia.


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