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Harnessing nature to maximise copper recovery

By Caleb Radford, 6th of April, 2017

South Australian researchers look to unlock the potential of low-grade ore extraction.

Kookaburra has last laugh to solve Traveling Salesman Problem

By Caleb Radford, 4th of April, 2017

South Australian software used to defeat world’s toughest algorithm.

Japanese company rolls out SMO model for clinical trials in South Australia

By Andrew Spence, 30th of March, 2017

I’rom Group invests in 50-bed unit in Adelaide.

How to keep your mobile phone connected when the network is down

30th of March, 2017

How to keep your mobile phone connected when the network is down

Adelaide app developers get it right overnight

By Caleb Radford, 27th of March, 2017

Timezone and skills has British designers looking to South Australia.

Aussie city set for autonomous car trials

By Caleb Radford, 24th of March, 2017

South Australia’s Cohda Wireless receives $2m to test its tech in two new self-driving cars.

Autonomous vehicle trials funded across Adelaide

By Caleb Radford, 21st of March, 2017

South Australia moves to the next step in autonomous vehicle use.

Monitoring tool tests the worth of land restoration efforts

By Caleb Radford, 15th of March, 2017

South Australian researchers develop key DNA sequencing technique.

Turning sunshine into liquid gold

By Caleb Radford, 7th of February, 2017

South Australian researchers use gold atoms to convert solar energy into chemical energy.

Sea sponge tool could be key to unlocking new cancer drugs

By Caleb Radford, 2nd of February, 2017

Technique developed in South Australia helps identify new species with potential for biomedical research.


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