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360-degree radar for driverless cars launched

2nd of November, 2015

Cohda Wireless reveals V2X-Radar in South Australia

Six key interventions improve infant and child survival

19th of October, 2015

The Robinson Research Institute in South Australia has identified key ways to reduce infant mortality

Colour-change polymer offers sustainable solution to mercury contamination

By Sarah Keenihan, 19th of October, 2015

South Australian scientists develop a new material to permanently remove mercury from soil and water

Powering a commercial fleet with home-made biodiesel

16th of October, 2015

Peats Soil in South Australia extends its green credentials by making its own fuel.

Medical catheter adapted to make submarines quieter

By Nick Carne, 16th of October, 2015

Researchers from Flinders University take their bowel monitor into the belly of submarines.

New atomic absorption spectrometer helps redefine Kelvin

14th of October, 2015

A team of Australian scientists has produced a precision laser device that creates an accurate international standard for temperature

Sunken treasures: world's underwater archeologists look south

By Sarah Keenihan, 13th of October, 2015

Flinders University in South Australia cements its role as a top global centre for underwater archaeology with UNESCO Chair.

Foot movement inside shoe studied to aid runners

By John Merriman, 6th of October, 2015

The University of South Australia develops technology to test shoes at the ARENA Gait and Performance (GAP) laboratory, 3D motion analysis.

New study looks at effect of caffeine on driving errors by defence personnel

30th of September, 2015

Researchers from the University of South Australia have found that caffeine can reduce driving errors.

Software and supercomputer, the best way to save energy

By John Merriman, 29th of September, 2015

Sustainability House in South Australia develops Roborater, the sustainable house-designing software package.


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