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Primary Industries

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Artificial intelligence boosts wine's bottom line

By Caleb Radford, 21st of July, 2017

AI technology from South Australia maximises manufacturing efficiency.

IoT satellite constellation orbits investors

By Andrew Spence, 14th of July, 2017

South Australian space startup to launch first nanosatellite in 2018.

Vineyard biosecurity project looks to next stage after trial

By Andrew Spence, 11th of July, 2017

Cyber monitoring system completes six-month trial in South Australia.

Indigenous beverage company launches Wattleseed Lager

By Andrew Spence, 23rd of June, 2017

Something Wild’s Green Ant Gin to have a beer chaser.

Australian seeds book place in Doomsday shelter

By Caleb Radford, 8th of June, 2017

Australian Pastures Genebank prepares huge collection for Svalbard Global Seed Vault. 

Grape marc proves a superfood for abalone

By Andrew Spence, 8th of June, 2017

South Australian researchers prepare for aquaculture farm trial.

Abalone thrive on wine waste diet

By Andrew Spence, 8th of June, 2017

South Australian researchers prepare for on-farm grape marc trial.

The science of spaghetti

By Andrew Spence, 6th of June, 2017

Collaboration between researchers, farmers and a pasta manufacturer drives growth in South Australia.

Asia's growing appetite for kangaroo

By Andrew Spence, 1st of June, 2017

Japan, Hong Kong drive demand for premium Australian meat.

Power plan to bridge gap between farmers and miners

By Andrew Spence, 24th of May, 2017

Biomass demonstration plant in South Australia to create electricity for mining by burning straw.


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