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Adelaide Airport to build largest airport rooftop solar system in Australia

By Simone Mazengarb, 27th of October, 2015

Adelaide Airport is getting ready to turn heads (in the sky) as they commence building the largest airport rooftop solar power system in Australia.

New research hub to increase value of Australian copper

8th of October, 2015

The Australian Research Council Research Hub for Australian Copper-Uranium launched at the University of Adelaide.

Remote monitoring system helps reduce costs for contract mining companies

By John Merriman, 16th of September, 2015

IPACS Australia has opened a remote monitoring operations centre in Adelaide, South Australia.

In Vehicle Monitoring Systems help the bottom line

By John Merriman, 27th of August, 2015

Securatrak expand into Vietnam from South Australia.

Building power by concentrating light

By John Merriman, 25th of August, 2015

HeliostatSA expands renewable energy technology exports from South Australia.

Laser system monitors mines for safety

By John Merriman, 30th of July, 2015

Maptek supplies laser monitoring system to gold mine in South Australia.

Laser spectrometer detects diseases from your breath

By Jack Baldwin, 7th of July, 2015

Photonics researchers at the University of Adelaide are developing an instrument that works like an 'optical dog's nose', quickly and accurately detecting molecules in gas samples for medical and industrial applications.

Java mud volcano not started by earthquake

By Jim Plouffe, 29th of June, 2015

Research led by the University of Adelaide hopes to close the debate on whether a mud volcano disaster in Indonesia was triggered by an earthquake or had man-made origins.

South Australia releases open data web map

By Jack Baldwin, 25th of June, 2015

The South Australian Government has released a web map that shows all the state's spatial data in one place.

South Australia uniquely ready for new relationship with China

By John Merriman, 19th of June, 2015

South Australia has had a formal China plan and relationship with Shandong Province in China for 30 years, giving the state an advantage in benefiting from the newly signed FTA.


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