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New water treatment device cleans up rural communities

By Caleb Radford, 20th of July, 2016

Water treatment technology from South Australia provides high quality and cost effective disinfection system.

First glimpse of potential Nullarbor treasures

By Andrew Spence, 6th of July, 2016

Geological survey explores one of mining’s last frontiers.

Citizen driven governing to shape nuclear waste future

By Andrew Spence, 22nd of June, 2016

South Australia puts tough decision in the hands of the people.

Molten salt technology to reduce mining industry costs

By Andrew Spence, 22nd of June, 2016

Leading University of South Australia team to apply research to potassium processing. 

Fuel saving device to cut transport costs

By Andrew Spence, 20th of June, 2016

South Australian company Hydroflex targets mining and transport industries with efficiency device.

Leak detecting system is dam good idea

By Andrew Spence, 15th of June, 2016

South Australian company seeks mining industry seal of approval for device.

Brushing up on mining site safety

By Andrew Spence, 6th of June, 2016

Wind powered device developed in South Australia to keep mining site reflector posts clean.

Australia's highest-grade flake graphite deposit gains mining approval

6th of June, 2016

Mining lease granted to Lincoln Minerals to develop Kookaburra Gully site on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula

Solar project gives ray of hope to struggling Australian grape growers

By Andrew Spence, 25th of May, 2016

Riverland scheme aims to create community-owned power plants.

Copper purification system to cut shipping costs

By Caleb Radford, 17th of May, 2016

OZ Minerals seeks competitive advantage for South Australian mine.


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