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Flame and Light show proposed for Adelaide Riverbank revival

By John Merriman, 18th of August, 2015

World renowned FCT Flames proposes a draw card flame and light show for Adelaide, South Australia.

Aussie link to Pan American Games

By John Merriman, 14th of August, 2015

FCT Flames manufactures the global symbol of friendship from Adelaide, South Australia.

Pain-free laser treatment of age related macular degeneration

By John Merriman, 11th of August, 2015

South Australian laser company Ellex to launch its newest technology to treat age related macular degeneration.

Second-generation strand woven bamboo technology allows any type of timber to be used

By Nick Carne, 28th of July, 2015

Flinders Centre for NanoScale Science & Technology develops better wood products.

Holographic visions of the future - from an Australian shed

By Jack Baldwin, 23rd of July, 2015

An invention born inside an Australian shed is straight out of the future. Companies like SpaceX, Tesla Motors, NASA, Apple and Oculus Rift are taking notice.

Bringing researchers and industry closer together - from the experts

By Jack Baldwin, 16th of July, 2015

The Thin Film Coatings Group is entirely funded by commercial engagements. They're a standout example in the broad discussion of how to blend university research with private industry. This is how they do it.

When imitation flatters but undermines: 4 insider tips to beat counterfeit pirates

By Sarah Keenihan, 9th of July, 2015

Australian Fashion Labels and how to beat counterfeits.

South Australia releases open data web map

By Jack Baldwin, 25th of June, 2015

The South Australian Government has released a web map that shows all the state's spatial data in one place.

Crowdfunding success brings phone music amplifier to life

By John Merriman, 25th of June, 2015

Two DJs from South Australia crack the crowdfunding secret to develop music amp for cell phones.

Green building credentials boosted by laying recyclable carpet

By John Merriman, 23rd of June, 2015

South Australian company fill market gap for Green Star buildings with recyclable carpet made from recycled materials.


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