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Thunderous rock music improves cancer drug delivery

By Caleb Radford, 1st of April, 2016

South Australian researchers use rock music's good vibrations to help with anti-cancer drug delivery.

Inflammatory pathways could be key to resolving heart disease and depression link

By Andrew Spence, 24th of March, 2016

South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute team searches for answers to cardiovascular depression link.

Chinese agribusiness invests in South Australian biotech centre

22nd of March, 2016

Collaboration allows Flinders University to expand world-class R&D hub. 

Lightweight x-ray machines set to revolutionise market

By Andrew Spence, 17th of March, 2016

South Australian company Micro-X to mass produce mobile medical device.

Developing a defence against malnutrition and diarrhoea

By Andrew Spence, 16th of March, 2016

South Australian researchers use resistant starch to tackle malnutrition.


Research precinct signals healthy future for industry

By Andrew Spence, 22nd of February, 2016

Adelaide BioMed City takes shape in South Australia.

Tumour detecting sensors to reduce follow-up cancer surgery

By Andrew Spence, 19th of February, 2016

University of South Australia researchers’ cancer detection breakthrough.

Nano-technology drives smart contact lens discovery

19th of February, 2016

University of Adelaide researchers play key role in breakthrough.

Plastic splints make first aid easier

10th of February, 2016

South Australian company develops cheaper, more durable splint

Dare you to improve your mental health!

By Sarah Keenihan, 4th of February, 2016

App uses classic game to get teens to set goals.


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