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Gill Hicks is South Australian of the Year for her campaign for peace

By Jim Plouffe, 13th of November, 2014

Winners announced for South Australians of the Year.

Group of genes discovered that can naturally suppress hepatitis C

27th of October, 2015

Researchers from the University of Adelaide uncover a genes that can suppress the hepatitis C virus (HCV) from infecting the liver

Happening here: World Aquaculture Adelaide 2014

By Jack Baldwin, 4th of June, 2014

Thousands of international attendees will converge on South Australia's leading seafood producing regions during a five-day conference.

Help wanted: Universities seeking million dollar renowned researchers

By Jack Baldwin, 28th of April, 2015

The University of Adelaide and University of Flinders in South Australia have both received $1 million grants to employ internationally renowned researchers in the fields of nanoscale biophotonics and digital health technologies.

Hi-tech tool opens up 3D classrooms

By Andrew Spence, 14th of April, 2016

Saab to use HoloLens technology to develop education and training software in South Australia.

Horse hospital gives vet students hands on experience

By Cathryn McLauchlan, 2nd of January, 2015

The Equine Health and Performance Centre in South Australia ensures veterinary graduates know their way around a horse.

How a new test is revolutionising what we know about viruses in our midst

20th of August, 2015

Mosquito surveillance trapping program in South Australia finds honey does the trick.

How small birds evolved from giant meat eating dinosaurs

1st of August, 2014

Overwhelming evidence that dinosaurs evolved into birds.

How the Australian galah got its name in a muddle

23rd of September, 2016

How the Australian galah got its name in a muddle

How we rediscovered 'extinct' giant tortoises in the Galápagos Islands - and how to save them

8th of January, 2016

South Australian researchers save extinct species by studying history.


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