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Antarctica's blue whales are split into three distinct populations

9th of March, 2016

new research from Flinders helps track and protect whales

Archer Exploration discovers ultra-pure graphene from graphite deposits

16th of December, 2015

The University of Adelaide helps confirm the purity of South Australia’s graphite.

ASC dives into Australian schools engineering challenge

By Jim Plouffe, 15th of May, 2014

Australian high school students challenged to build their own remote controlled submarine.

Aussie program leads boardroom push for women

By Andrew Spence, 15th of August, 2016

Mentoring program for businesswomen to launch in the United States.

Aussie tech start-up set on improving tech-ed in US schools

By Simone Mazengarb, 4th of November, 2015

Makers Empire, continues to gain world recognition securing a place in the US NewSchools Ignite accelerator program. 

Australia's top physicist joins University of South Australia as Deputy Vice Chancellor

By Jack Baldwin, 7th of August, 2014

Professor Tanya Monro has been appointed as the Deputy Vice Chancellor Research and Innovation at the University of South Australia.

Australian pygmy blue whale gene pool shaped by climate, not whaling

By Jack Baldwin, 5th of May, 2015

A study by Flinders University shows the small gene pool of Australian pygmy blue whales is the result of changes in climate 20,000 years ago – not human intervention.

Australian research tests new theory of extinction

By Simone Mazengarb, 5th of November, 2015

Australian researchers are breaking new ground in oceanic research, testing a new theory that could explain what caused three of the planet's mass extinctions.

Australian trade delegation in India to learn how to set up fashion design schools

11th of August, 2015

South Australian fashion designer in India to learn how country incorporates design into tertiary education.

Australians aren't as Islamophobic as we are led to believe

27th of February, 2017

Study finds majority of Australians are indifferent towards Islam.


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