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Big Bang: Science Awards drive our future

By Sarah Keenihan, 8th of August, 2014

Tonight’s announcement of the 2014 South Australian Scientist of the Year awards is one way to ensure the future of the state.

17th Annual Hawke Lecture

By Jim Plouffe, 5th of August, 2014

Professor Hugh White AO of the?Strategic and Defence Studies Centre, at the Australian National University talks on the parallels between Europe in 1914 and Asia today.

University of Adelaide professor says 'Hobbit' more likely had Down Syndrome than a new species

5th of August, 2014

Anthropologist Maciej Henneberg argues that infamous “Hobbit” of Flores is not a new species of human.

Brand South Australia blog

22nd of July, 2015

Brand South Australia’s blog and events calendar.

2016 looms as year of the computer hacker

By Andrew Spence, 11th of January, 2016

PC game Hacknet on strong sales run.

3D healthcare simulations primed for Asian launch

By Caleb Radford, 19th of September, 2016

South Australian company develops 3D nurse training program.

3D mapping of Scottish stone circles proves alignment theories

By Cathryn McLauchlan, 23rd of June, 2014

University of Adelaide professor proves Briton's megaliths align with sun and moon.

88 new projects open for investment in South Australia

3rd of December, 2014

Major Developments Directory 2015 launched in South Australia.

A bizarre new flying dinosaur, with bat-like wings and feathers

30th of April, 2015

Flinders University Prof John Long discusses the importance of the latest flying dinosaur find.

A new brain-warp technique that helps to reconstruct fossil brains

By Professor John Long, 21st of July, 2016

Scientists at Flinders University trace changes in the early evolution of the brain


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