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How small birds evolved from giant meat eating dinosaurs

1st of August, 2014

Overwhelming evidence that dinosaurs evolved into birds.

How the Australian galah got its name in a muddle

23rd of September, 2016

How the Australian galah got its name in a muddle

How we rediscovered 'extinct' giant tortoises in the Galápagos Islands - and how to save them

8th of January, 2016

South Australian researchers save extinct species by studying history.

In Season at the South Australia Horse Hospital

By Cathryn McLauchlan, 29th of October, 2014

Equine Health and Performance Centre expands horse breeding in South Australia.

Industry staff log-on to hone wine craft

By Andrew Spence, 13th of July, 2016

University of Adelaide course attracting global interest from the wine sector.

International irrigation training centre to undergo $7.5 million redevelopment as part of Riverlands renewal

By Jack Baldwin, 29th of April, 2014

A Loxton-based irrigation management, research and training facility will receive $7.5 million of government funding to redevelop in to an international training centre.

International students flock to Adelaide

By Caleb Radford, 29th of March, 2016

Why Adelaide is the destination of choice for international students.

It takes good horse vets to stop the nation

By Cathryn McLauchlan, 4th of November, 2014

Equine Health and Performance Centre in South Australia trains the next generation of veterinarians.

Java mud volcano not started by earthquake

By Jim Plouffe, 29th of June, 2015

Research led by the University of Adelaide hopes to close the debate on whether a mud volcano disaster in Indonesia was triggered by an earthquake or had man-made origins.

Jurassic art: how our vision of dinosaurs has evolved over time

18th of June, 2015

Brian Choo, a postdoctoral fellow in vertebrate palaeontology at Flinders University, examines the evolving art of depicting dinosaurs.


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