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South Australia's aerospace expertise on show at Avalon Airshow

By Jack Baldwin, 27th of February, 2015

20 South Australian companies presented their defence industry expertise at the Southern Hemisphere's largest aviation and defence exposition, the Avalon Airshow.

Wings to fly: how joining forces brings rewards in defence industry

10th of February, 2015

The Australian Aerospace Alliance’s efforts are starting to bear fruit for defence industry in South Australia.

Defence industry in South Australia is more than just submarines

10th of February, 2015

Malcolm Jackman, new CEO of Defence SA, outlines the breadth of defence industry in South Australia.

88 new projects open for investment in South Australia

3rd of December, 2014

Major Developments Directory 2015 launched in South Australia.

Eight measurements of the body can identify anyone on earth

By Jack Baldwin, 27th of November, 2014

Research using data from 4,000 US armed services personnel shows that using just eight body measurements will reduce the chance of finding someone with duplicate measurements to one in a quintillion.

Planes, trains and tanks: APC Technology celebrates 30 years

By Jack Baldwin, 20th of November, 2014

APC Technology make tough things for tough times. Their ruggedised computers sit at the bottom of mine shafts, are mounted inside tanks and in cockpits of high-altitude surveillance aircraft.

Data to Decisions intelligence hub for defence and security launches in Adelaide

By Jack Baldwin, 10th of November, 2014

A new $92 million big data facility will launch at Technology Park in Adelaide, South Australia today.

Systems engineering delegates head to South Australia for 2017 International Symposium

By Jack Baldwin, 7th of November, 2014

The International Council on Systems Engineering International Symposium will head to Adelaide in 2017.

Cobham takes on $640 million maritime safety contract

By Jack Baldwin, 27th of October, 2014

Cobham have acquired the $640 million Australian Maritime Safety Authority contract to supply a search and rescue capability in Australia for 12 years, starting from 2016.

Asia Pacific's largest simulation and modelling conference launches in Adelaide

By Jack Baldwin, 26th of August, 2014

More than 700 simulation industry figures from around the world have gathered in Adelaide, South Australia for Asia Pacific's largest modelling, simulation and training conference and exhibition.


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