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Exciting things in the pipeline for SA welding tech company

Formed to commercialise an innovative and highly useful technology developed at the CSIRO, K-TIG (short for keyhole TIG, a description of the welding process it uses) is beginning to see export success.

Keeping DJs and record companies on track with Musio

Being bombarded with new music everyday led one DJ to find a solution to a full inbox.

South Australian artists tour ready

Art markets help Adelaide theatre companies gain international exposure.

Fact File: Adelaide Oval

The redevelopment of the Adelaide Oval has been a delicate process of modernisation, balancing the integrity of the historic ground with the renewal of the surrounding inner-city.

Adelaide Riverbank Planner Named Australia's Best

Alexander Rix, overseer of Adelaide's Riverbank precinct redevelopment, has been named Australia's Planner of the Year 2014.

Indigenous Archaeological Partnership Uncovers the Past

Working in partnership with Aboriginal communities, Olympic Dam discovers more than 16,000 archaeological sites.

Flinders Logistics Makes Bulk Cargo Safe

With safety front of mind, Flinders Ports set out to find logistics solutions for the mining sector which could offer the highest safety standards, both for people and the environment. This culminated in the creation of Flinders Logistics.

Organic Growth: Tim Marshall

Tim Marshall from TM Organics believes organic food production has a significant role to play in feeding the world's population.

The Seed You Need - SARDI's High Performance Lucerne Grazer

When Australia's thousands of livestock breeders look for high-performance lucerne pasture they have to turn to South Australia for the seed they need.

Free Thinking Makes Adelaide Smarter

National Geographic believes by 2050, 70% of the world's population will be living in urban environments. The luckiest of which will live in small and 'smart' cities. One city consistently made it to the top of the list, Adelaide.


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