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Time to talk about the future

South Australian futurist Kristin Alford holds a pop-up time travel symposium to talk about time.

The secret to high-fibre super spaghetti

Making spaghetti healthier without compromising on taste.

Creating a stronger health system through better evidence

Adelaide strengthens leadership of evidence-based reproductive health research.

New Horizons transforms sandy soils in to fertile fields

From little things, big things grow. Anecdotal evidence from farmers has transformed in to research that could increase farm gate production by $1 billion a year.

Accord signed for Aboriginal Health research in South Australia

Historic accord for meaningful Aboriginal Health research in South Australia.

Big Data for Dark Matter

The mystery of the dark: new international physics project.

Putting Australia on the map

Researching the earliest uses of the term Australia.

Hexiled's frantic race to fame

Hexiled is web company Triplezero's first foray in to game design, an overnight success that they could never have predicted.

17th Annual Hawke Lecture

Professor Hugh White AO of the?Strategic and Defence Studies Centre, at the Australian National University talks on the parallels between Europe in 1914 and Asia today.

University of Adelaide professor says 'Hobbit' more likely had Down Syndrome than a new species

Anthropologist Maciej Henneberg argues that infamous “Hobbit” of Flores is not a new species of human.


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