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South Australia enlists Minecraft for youth consultation

The South Australian Government is asking kids to design changes to the state's national parks using the video game Minecraft.

Let the people decide new place names on Mercury and Pluto

Alice Gorman, a Flinders University lecturer in archaeology and space studies, wants the public to be able to name newly discovered landmarks on Mercury and Pluto.

Social motivation for exercise proven with trial Facebook app

University of South Australia designs Facebook app to get people moving.

Adelaide's Channel 9 Young Achiever of 2015 is looking for millions of smiles

Adelaide’s Channel 9 Young Achiever of 2015 is looking for millions of smiles.

World's largest asteroid impact site could be right here in Australia

Two very large asteroid impacts buried more than two kilometres under the surface in northeastern South Australia could be the largest ever discovered.

South Australian Micro Finance Fund encourages entrepreneurs with 2:1 matched funding

The South Australian Micro Finance Fund will provide grants of up to $50,000 for entrepreneurs in the state to develop their ideas in to high-value businesses.

Complexity for Kids: life sciences under the microscope

Scale Free Network uses art to guide children through the complex world of microbiology for Adelaide's Come Out Children's Festival.

Newly discovered moth is an enigmatic evolutionary wonder

The discovery of a new family of moth on Kangaroo Island is one of the most exciting finds in entomology in the past 40 years.

Ancient skeletons hold the key to origins of the spread of Indo-European language

Results from a new study challenge the popular theory of the spread of the Indo-European mother language through the European continent.

Flinders physician puts cancer-causing virus on the map

Flinders Medical Centre physician exposes virus that inflicts rapidly fatal leukemia on remote Indigenous Australians.


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